Australian Christmas 5-Days Orienteering Carneval 27-31 Dec at Beechworth in NW. Victoria (about 3 hours drive from Melbourne and about 40 minutes from the regional airport Albury). Beechworth is an historic gold mining town in a scenic area of Victoria. All the 5 events are organized within 30 km of Beechworth.

Read more news at http://vicorienteering.asn.au/events/bush/C5D/


Oceania World Cup Jan 2013 Carnival 4-13 Jan in the southern part of the northern New Zeeland island.

The events incorporate the following events:

-          4 World Cup events including 2 middle distance and 2 sprint events. (Qualification race & Finals).

-          Oceania Championships including Sprint, Middle, Long & Relays.

-          Multi day competition event with 6 of the 7 races to count.

Friday 4th Jan: Day 1-intricate sand dune forest near Tangimoana (about 40 min drive W of Palmerston North).

Saturday 5th Jan: Day 2 –intricate open foredunes plus fast forest near Waitarere (45 min SW of Palmerston North) – and World Cup Model event, World Cup Opening Ceremony and Barbeque.

Sunday 6th Jan: Oceania Middle Distance Champs (Day 3) and World Cup Middle Distanse race –intricate foredunes at Levin/Otaki – about 65 min SW of Palmerston North, 25 min S of Levin and 20 min N of Otaki.

Monday 7th Jan: World Cup sprint Qualification Race (afternoon) at Wellington.

Tuesday 8th Jan: Oceania Sprint race (Day 4) and World Cup Sprint Finals race at Downtown Wellington.

Wednesday 9th Jan: Rest day.

Thursday 10th Jan: Oceania Long distance race (Day 5) at Wairarapa – 45 min E of Masterton – in gully spur forest intersected by native bush gorges.

Friday 11th Jan: Oceania Relay Champs at Wairapa - 45 min E of Masterton – in open farmland with intricate limestone rock.

Saturday 12th Jan: Day 6 at Hawkes Bay -45 min SW of Hastings or 55 min SW of Napier – in gully spur farmland.

Sunday 13th Jan: Day 7 and World Cup Prologue race plus chasing start race at Hawkes Bay – 40 min W of Hasings and 50 min W of Napier.

Suitable accommodation-places at Palmerston North 3-6 Jan, Wellington 6-9 Jan, Masterton 9-11 Jan and Hastings 11-13 Jan.


Competitions in SE USA.

19-21 Jan – a holiday weekend in USA - in Atlanta, Georgia.

23-24 Jan mid week recreationalevents in Orlando, Florida.

25-27 Jan in Sarasota in the Suncoast area.

More information from Gordon Hunter, email gordhun@rogers.com


Competitions in Brazil.

28 Jan-2 Feb: Brazil 5-days in the touristic city Sao Francisco da Paula (130 km NE of Porto Alegre), read more at www.cbo.org.br and www.orientacionsudamericana.org.br


WWOP can organize travels to these competitions.


WWOP can also organize competitions  in New Caledonia (about 2.000 km NE of Sydney and about 2.000 km NNW of Auckland) 14-17 Jan; in Chile 18-21 Jan; in BuenosAires, Argentina 22-24 Jan and in Uruguay 24-26 Jan, if there are interested participants.


The flying costs Copenhagen-Bangkok 22-23 Dec, Bangkok-Melbourne 26 Dec, Auckland-Shanghai 13-14 Jan and Shanghai-Copenhagen 14 Jan were 22nd March 20.640 SEK. So the flight Melbourne-New Zealand (Auckland or Wellington) is not included in this price.


Please inform about your interest and wishes to wwop@swipnet.se, phone +46 44 238523 or SMS +46 707 228523.


More detailed information later on www.wwop.se