This program will later be improved many times.

In the end of the Swedish version “Ungefärligt dag-för-dag-program”, you find the names of those, who are entered now.

Sunday 28 Oct: One bus is travelling from Gothenburg to Norrhult (Smålandskavlen about 40 km NNE. of Växjö). From Smålandskavlen this bus is departing about 12.30 or later direction Malmö, Denmark and Germany.

Another bus is travelling directly between Gothenburg and Malmö. The bus is departing from Malmö about 16.30, so Bornholm Open-competitors (Rönne - Ystad-ferry 14.30-15.50) can join this bus at Malmö.

But it is also possible that the first bus takes both the competitors from Smålandskavlen and from Bornholm Open. In such a case other participants travel in the other bus from Gothenburg about 10.30 and from Malmö about 14.00.

In the first plan the buses plan to reach the Rödby-Puttgarden-ferry about 18-19 resp 19.30-20.30.

In the second plan the early bus is using the Rödby-Puttgarden-ferry about 17-18.

Accomodation with breakfast is booked at Ibis Hotel at Osnabrück.


Monday 29 Oct: After breakfast we travel to the Duisburg-area for a German-competition about 09.00-11.30. Leader is Tobias Wolf.

After lunch we continue the travel to Eindhoven in Netherlands for the second Monday-competition about 14.30-17.00.

The course-setter for the Eindhoven-competition Adrie van Opstal has started to sell orienteering-equipment, and he has very low prices. Later you will be informed about details, so you can prepare your “shopping”.

We leave this competition about 17.30, so we can check in at the Rotterdam-Hull-ferry latest 19.30.

The ferry is departing 21.00 and arrives at Hull next day 08.00. Accomodation in 4 bed-cabins is included in the basic fees, for a 2-bed-cabin the costs are 250 SEK more pro person.


Tuesday 30 Oct: Bus-travel from Hull to Heysham, about 300 km. Together with Martyn Roome we have planned a stop with a sprint competition at Williamson Park in Lancaster (near Heysham).

Ferry Heysham – Douglas (Isle of Man) is booked 14.15-17.45.

The WWOP-mapper Markus Puusepp from Vöru in SE. Estonia was during the 23-30 March-week on Isle of Man, where he made one park-map at Douglas and one forest-map at Archallagan.

During our other preparations to start orienteering in this new indepent country we have got good contacts with Sandor Talas (IOF-leader from Hungary), who is moving to Isle of Man. William Higgins, who is also living on Isle of Man, is also helping us with the start and the development of the orienteering-sport there.

We have booked accommodation with breakfast and supper during the 2 nights at Palace Hotel and Casino at Douglas.


Wednesday 31 Oct: We plan a sprint-competition before breakfast, sightseeing (also a visit to the wellknown motorcycle-course) and a long-competition in the afternoon. Hopefully there will also be possibilities to show our wonderful sport for young school-children and other interested new “orienteers”.

Unfortunately there are no regular ferries to Ireland and North-Ireland during the winter-season.


Thursday 1 Nov: Ferry Douglas- Heysham 08.15-11.45. We have a competition, organized by Andy Lewsley, at Penrith Beacon near Carlisle with first start about 13.30. The ferry Carnryan (Scotland)-Larne (North-Ireland) is booked 20.00-21.45. Accommodation with breakfast probably at Premier Inn in Belfast.


Friday 2 Nov: Helen Baxter is suggesting a middle distance-competition in Hillsborough Forest on the way to Dublin. A sprint-competition in the afternoon is planned near Dublin. Accommodation with dinner (the Legendar-dinner) and breakfast at Bewleys´s Hotel near Central Park in Leopardstown in the north part of Dublin.


Saturday 3 Nov: Aine Joyce at Irish Orienteering Federation helps me to have a long-distance-competition before the ferry Dublin – Holyhead 14.30-16.30. After that a long bus-travel to Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel.


Sunday 4 Nov: We participate in the Southampton middle-distance-competition. Probably lunch at our hotel after the competition. After that bus-travel to the Dover-Calais-ferry 18.00-19.30. From Calais we travel to Belgium for accommodation with breakfast at Ibis Brugge Centrum Hotel.


Monday 5 Nov: After breakfast we travel to Foret de Soignes outside Brussel. Here I organized a tour-competition already in 1966. Jean-Nöel de Hebehogne helped us with another Belgium-competition at Arlon during the 38 th Autumn East tour in 2005, and now he is helping us in Foret de Soignes. After the competition we have a long bus-travel – about 600 km – to Dijon and Hotel Balladins, where 2 nights´accomodation with supper and breakfast is booked.


Tuesday 6 Nov: A “rest” day is planned at Dijon with a long-distance competition and visit to wine-cellars. Bruno Haberkorn is our Dijon- organizator.


Wednesday 7 Nov: We have an early sprint-competition before the bus-travel to St. Etienne (the home-town of Thierry Gueorgiou). We plan an afternoon-competition there.


Thursday 8 Nov: After breakfast bus-travel to western Italy via Lyon and Chambery. During the afternoon Carla Balma is suggesting a long-distance-competition in similar terrain to World Masters 2013, probably Pra Catinat at Pragelato (east of Susa and NE. of Sestriere). After that bus-travel to accommodation near Torino.


Friday 9 Nov: After early breakfast bus-travel to “our” (since many tours) Hotel Lugano in Mestre near Venice. Here we have 3 nights´ (Friday – Monday) or 2 nights´ (Friday-Sunday) accommodation with breakfast. During the Friday afternoon (first start 15.00) we participate in Adriatic Meeting first competition in beach-forest at Caorle (about 50 km ENE. of Venice).


Saturday 10 Nov: One Adriatic Meeting-competition more at Palmanova (about 90 km ENE. of Venice). Palmanova is well-known for its city-plan in radial-renaissance. After that bus-travel back to Hotel Lugano.


Sunday 11 Nov: The Venice Orienteering (which we Autumn East-travellers injected in 1979) is arranged for the 33 rd time. We plan, that one bus is staying one night more at Venice and after that makes a 3 rd Autumn East-week in eastern Europe.

The other bus is travelling in north direction non-stop with start from Hotel Lugano about 14.00 during Sunday afternoon. This bus is probably in Sweden during Monday, about 12.00 at Malmö and about 16.00 at Gothenburg.


Monday 12 Nov: During the bus-travel Venice – Plitvice we make a stop at Lipica in Slovenia for a competition with lunch.

Plitvice (about 100 km south of Zagreb) belongs to the most wellknown nature-things worth seeing of Croatia, read more . Here we plan 2 nights´accomodation.


Tuesday 13 Nov: 2 competitions and of course nature-sightseeing is planned at Plitvice. As usual in Croatia Tomislav Kaniski is planning for us.


Wednesday 14 Nov: During the bus-travel from Plitvice to Banja Luka in Bosnia-Herzegovina we make a stop at Prijedor (about 50 km NW. of Banja Luka) for a competition on that new map, which was sponsored by the Autumn East Legendar-collection-money in 2008. After pricegiving and lunch we continue the bustravel to our Banja Luka-hotel for 2 nights. As usual in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia Zoran Milovanovic (president of the 12 orienteering-nations in SE. Europe-region) is organizing our program.


Thursday 15 Nov: A new map is made during 2012 about 5 km south of Banja Luka, and it is sponsored with the startfees from this year´s Autumn East Tour. We have Banja Luka-sightseeing during the morning and about 11.30 we have the competition.


Friday 16 Nov: We start the bus-travel direction Serbia and Hungary early. The competition is arranged in the NW. part of Serbia, either at Sid or at Fruska Gora. After lunch and price-giving we continue the bus-travel to Juniper Cup at Kiskörös in south Hungary. This 2-days-competition is arranged each year during the 3 rd November-weekend, and the competitions have been very much appreciated.


Saturday 17 Nov: First day of Juniper Cup near Kiskörös.


Sunday 18 Nov: Second day of Juniper Cup, after the competition bus-travel nonstop direction Sweden.


Monday 19 Nov: After the ferry Rostock-Gedser 08.30-10.15 we are probably in Malmö about 13.00 and at Gothenburg about 17.00.



With best regards Peo Bengtsson