The travel is cancelled because of too few participants. If anybody wants to take part in Rio de Janeiro 5-days, WWOP can help you, if help is needed.

Preliminary program.

Look at the version in Swedish.

WWOP Earlier South America-travels.

During about 10 earlier tours WWOP has visited the following SouthAmerica countries:

Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

During the latest tours we have visited the annual SouthAmerica Championships, which is arranged in the middle of December.

During the coming tour Brazil 5-days-competition is chosen instead of SouthAmerica Championships, as 5-days in 2010 is organized near Rio de Janeiro.


Flights to and from South America.

Air France is flying from Paris to Rio de Janeiro daily 10.20-19.20 and 23.20-07.30.

There are connection-flights from example Copenhagen 07.00-09.00 and 18.10-20.10 and similar times from example Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki.

There are also connection flights Venice – Paris Sunday 14 November 18.00-19.55 and 20.35-22.30 for Venice-OL-participants Sunday 14 Nov.

The flight “home” Buenos Aires – Paris departs Sunday 28 Nov 18.00-11.00, after that example Paris – Copenhagen Monday 29 Nov 12.45-14.45. If somebody wants to stay more days in Buenos Aires, there are daily the same flight-times.

For those, who only want to participate in Rio de Janeiro 5-days, there are flights Saturday 20 Nov and the following days 21.20-11.30, after that example Paris-Copenhagen 12.45-14.45.

The flight-costs Copenhagen – Rio de Janeiro and back Buenos Aires – Copenhagen or Rio de Janeiro – Copenhagen are now about 9.500 SEK with day-flight in western direction, at night-flight in western direction the costs are about 10.000 SEK.

Our participants can book their flights themselves, but you can also book through me and (or) Newstravel at Kristianstad, email and phone +46 44 200340.


Preliminary program, day for day.

WWOP organizes, so participants are picked up at Rio de Janeiro International Airport during Sunday 14 Nov 07.30 and 19.20 and during Monday 15 Nov 07.30, perhaps also at other times.

De 3 first days of Rio de Janeiro 5-days are organized at Nova Friburga (about 150 km NE. of Rio de Janeiro), after a rest day on Thursday 18 Nov the 4th and 5th day are organized at Cashoeiras de Macacu (near Nova Friburga).

During the 5-days-week we visit of course the world-wellknown places near and at Rio de Janeiro.

After the 5th and last day – Saturday 20 Nov – we start the bus-travel to Sao Paolo, accommodation there Saturday-Sunday.

Sunday morning OL-competition at Sao Paolo, after that bus-travel Sao Paolo – Curitiba, accommodation there Sunday-Monday.

Monday morning, perhaps sprint-OL at Curitiba, after that bus-travel direction Iguasso Waterfalls, but we plan to stop at Cascavel for an OL-competition, after that we continue the bus-travel to Foz d´Iguacu, accommodation there during 2 nights. South America Championships 2009 were organized at Cascavel.

Tuesday morning OL-competition and shopping-possibilities at Hernandarias in Paraguay, after that we look at the Iguasso Falls from the Brazil side.

On Wednesday we look at the Iguasso Falls from the Argentina side. After that bus-travel to Sao Borja in Brazil, accommodation there Wednesday – Thursday.

On Thursday morning OL-competition at Sao Borja, after that bus-travel to Rivera, accommodation there Thursday – Friday.

Friday morning OL-competition at Rivera, after that bus-travel to Minas (the best orienteering-leader in Uruguay – Milton Orrego – is living and working there), OL-competition and accommodation there Friday – Saturday. Some months ago Erik Sundberg fieldworked OL-maps at Minas, read more about Erik´s memories in Brazil with 5-days, South America championships, mountain-climbing and more on

Saturday morning OL-competition at Minas, after that bus-travel to Montevideo, buquebus – Montevideo – Buenos Aires, sightseeing, also tango-evening, after that accommodation in Buenos Aires.

Sunday morning sightseeing Buenos Aires, after that OL-competition near Ezeiza (Buenos Aires International Airport) before the flight to Europe.


Example of preliminary costs.

15 accomodations – from 13 Nov until 28 Nov – with half-pension and transport cost about 14.000 SEK. Costs for OL-competitions, sightseeing, more food and drinks are not included.

7 accomodations – from example 13 Nov until 20 Nov – with half-pension and transport cost about 6.500 SEK. Costs for OL-competitions, sightseeing, more food and drinks are not included.

For those, who want to reduce their costs more, it can be possible with camping during the 5-days-competition.


As soon as possible or latest about 1 September to WWOP, Lilla Bangårdsgatan 5, SE-29132 KRISTIANSTAD, email, phone +46 44 238523 and mobil +46 707 228523. Together with your entry, you pay 2.000 SEK to WWOP bankgiro 930-2100, to WWOP convertible NOK-account 7058.07.52444 or to WWOP IBAN account number – I inform you later about that.