Invitation to WWOP 43rd O-Ringen Autumn East Tour 31 Oct – 15 November, 2010.

Absolute Ex-Yugoslavia and 8 other countries.


Dates, competition-places, countries, distances, accommodations and bus-travels, look at the Swedish version.


Preliminary day-for-day-program.


Sunday 31 October. The Höst Öst-bus (owner and driver Ingemar Carlund)  leaves its accomodation-place near Landvetter airport (about 20 km east of Gothenburg) about 08.30. About 200 km bus-travel via Borås, Ulricehamn and Jönköping to Tranås railway-station, where train-participants arrive 11.12. Departure from  Smålandskavlen (arena about 3 km SE. of Tranås) about 13.00.  250 km bus-travel via Eksjö, Vrigstad, Alvesta or Växjö to Åhus and Hotel ÅhusStrand for “Ålagille” between about 16.30 and 19.30.

Probably (later decision) also one bus more from Sweden

More participants arrive to the “Ålagille” from other places and from Bornholm Open (ferry Rönne-Ystad 13.45-15.05 and their own transport to Åhus).

Latest about 19.45 bus-travel Åhus-Ystad (about 65 km), ferry with 4-bed-cabins YstadSwinoujscie 22.30 - Monday 06.45. 2-bed-cabins are possible for 250 SEK more pro person. There are possibilities for “voluntary” breakfast, costs 79 SEK, on the ferry before the arrival to Poland.

Monday 1st November. Bus-travel about 180 km SwinoujscieBarlinek (about 30 km N. of Gorzow) and the first “Höst Öst”-competition there. I have wished 3 courses; 6 km, 4 km and 2.5 km. After the competition probably shower and lunch before the bus-travel about  400 km via Frankfurt an der Oder and Dresden to Prag. Accomodation with breakfast at Hotel Jurys Inn, Sokolovská 11. The hotel is situated near Prag´s down town, so there are many possibilities for “voluntary” evening-meal.

Tuesday 2nd November. We can organize a Prag-citytour with Swedish-talking guide before breakfast, if there are enough persons with such wishes. Probably departure to Brno (about 200 km bus-travel) about 09.30. Competition near Brno with Libor Zridkavesely as leader. After the competition - wished courses 8-9 km, 4-5 km and maximum 3 km -  shower and lunch before the bus-travel Brno-Bratislava (about 140 km). Probably a guided walking-tour in English in Bratislava old-town (costs about 20 SEK) and “voluntary” evening-meal. Accomodation and breakfast at Hotel Kyjev in central Bratislava.

Wednesday 3rd November. Sprint-competition – 2 courses, about 3 km and 1.5-2 km - before breakfast. Start and finish at Hviezdoslav square (about 1.000 m. from Hotel Kyjev). After breakfast bus-travel (about 100 km) to middle distance-competition at Wiener Neustadt (leader Gottfried Tobler) on one of the WMOC 2006-qualification-maps. Shower and lunch before the bus-travel Wiener Neustadt – Graz – Maribor (about 180 km). “Voluntary” evening-meal and accommodation with breakfast during 2 nights at Hotel Arena, at the foot of the wellknown slalom and giantslalom-arena, about 4 km from Maribor center.

Thursday 4th November. Maribor-leader is Boris Baumann. Sprint-competition, 2 courses 2.5-3 km and 1.5-2 km, map 1:5 000, near our hotel before breakfast, after breakfast bus-travel about 50 km to Rogla – a very beautiful long-distance-skiing place in the Pohorje mountains, about 1.300 m. above sea. Middle-distance with 3 courses; 4, 3 and 2 courses on a new-revided 1:10 000 map. Also sightseeing there. Between Rogla and Maribor we have party at a farm, where all drinks and food come from the farm itself.

Friday 5th of November. After breakfast bus-travel about 70 km to Ivanec (about 20 km WSW. of Varazdin), leader in Croatia is Tomislav Kaniski (one of the most local leaders during earlier Autumn East Tours), competition there; 3 courses 6 km, 4.5 km and 3 km; competition-leader is Darko Duhovic, OK Medjimurje.  Lunch before the bus-travel (about 270 km) to Budapest, where we as usual are staying at Hotel Thomas, Liliom u. 44, 1094 BUDAPEST, during 2 nights. Possibilities for “voluntary” evening-meal. Flight-travellers for the second week are advised to share a taxi to Hotel Thomas or use Airport Minibus (more suitable for alone travellers). If you need help with your flight-bookings, you can use “my” travel-agency Newstravel here at Kristianstad, phone +46 44 200340 or email

Saturday 6th of November. Bus-travel to Spartacus Cup first day (arena at Csákberény, about 60 km W. of Budapest) with first start 10.00. Already during the first autumn-east-travels 1966-1972 we participated in 7th November Pokal-competitions, after that we have visited those competitions (today named Spartacus Cup) at 25-30 autumn-east-travels. After the competition sightseeing on the way back to Budapest and in Budapest, leader is Swedish-talking Lázsló Deseö, earlier Hungary´s  embassador in Stockholm and Copenhagen. In the evening Höst Öst Legendar Dinner with new Legendar members in restaurant Stex Haz, address Jozsef Krt. 55-57 at walking distance from Hotel Thomas.

Sunday 7th of November. Bus-travel to Spartacus Cup second day with the same arena. First start 09.00. After the prize-giving bus-travel ( 2 buses) about 360 km via Virovitica to Banja Luka for evening-meal, accomodation and breakfast at Hotel Cubic. Transport back to Budapest is also organized for those participants, who take part only during the first week.

Monday 8th of November. Leader is Zoran Milovanovic – also one of the most local leaders during many Autumn East tours in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. Short Banja Luka sightseeing and sprint-competition (about 10 minutes from Hotel Cubic) before breakfast, after that bus-travel about 240 km to a mass-start-competition in middle distance with spreading methods, probably at Fruska Gora, near Ruma (in the NW. part of Serbia). After that bus-travel about 100 km to Hotel Slavija in Belgrad for evening-meal together with Serbian orienteers and later accommodation with breakfast. For flight-travellers – arriving at Belgrad airport – there is special shuttle bus (organized by JAT company) once each hour from the airport to Hotel Slavija (= the last bus-stop).  

Tuesday 9th November. Early departure – perhaps we bring the breakfast with us in the buses – so we can run the Macedonia-competition in day-light. Bus-travel (food-possibilities in the bus) Belgrad – Skopje about 410 km. After the competition evening-meal in Skopje, after that bus-travel about 90 km to Pristina in Kosovo. Accomodation with breakfast and lunch in Hotel Lyon.

Wednesday 10th November. Sprint-competition – mapper Dag Steinar Ragvin - with start and finish at Hotel Lyon before breakfast. Pristina-leader is Kristian Gashi with help of Mårten Martinsson from OK Kolmården.  After breakfast  middle-distance competition outside Pristina, after that back to Hotel Lyon for lunch before the bus-travel about 200 km PristinaSkhodër. Evening-meal, accommodation and breakfast at Grand Hotel Europa in Skhodër.

Thursday 11th  November.Sprint-competition (only one course 2.0 km with 20 controls) – mappers Ulla Engelby, Claes Göran Green, Peo Bengtsson and Markus Puusepp – with start and finish from Grand Hotel Europa, after that breakfast and bus-travel about 60 km SkhodërPodgorica. Middle distance-competition – mapper Markus Puusepp - in junifer forest between Podgorica airport (south of Podgorica) and Podgorica. Local leader is Gordana Jovovic . Evening-meal with party, accommodation and breakfast at Hotel Crna Gora (about 2 minutes walking from Podgorica Down Town) .

Friday 12th November. Probably sprint-competition (mapper Markus Puusepp) in City Park Gorica (5 minutes walking from Hotel Crna Gora) before breakfast, after that a long (about 800 km, about 600 of them on motorways)) bus-travel via Kotor, Split and Rijeka to Platak (about 20 km NNO. of Rijeka). Evening-meal, accommodation, breakfast and lunch at Platak, leader Alen Tadijanic, OK Torpedo.

Saturday 13th November. Competition near Platak – courses 7.5 km, 5 km, 3.5 km and 2 km, perhaps age-classes - also with many local competitors, I hope.  After that lunch before the bus-travel (about 200 km) to Venice, where we have individual sightseeing, voluntary park-OL-participation, voluntary eveningmeal and accommodation with breakfast at Hotel Lugano.

Sunday 14th November. Participation in the well-known Venice-orienteering. During the autumn-east-tour 1980 we initiated this competition (now there are each year about 3.000 participants). More information, also course-lengths on Sunday and about the Saturday Park-OL, on  From our hotel it is about 10 minutes train-travel to Venice “Central Station”, after that about 30 minutes walking or a more expensive boat-travel  to the competition area. After the competition the same transport way back to Hotel Lugano, so we can leave Hotel Lugano without hunger about 14.00. We travel  about 500 km via Verona and Innsbruck to Best Western Grand City Hotel at Neufahrn (about 15 km NNE. München and about 12 km WSW. München airport) for evening-meal, accommodation and early breakfast.

Monday 15th November. After breakfast  early departure and  about 450 km bus-travel to Kassel.  Leader there is Swedish-speaking Gerd Heyser. Middle distance-competition at Nieste (about 7 km east of the motorway in north-south direction and east of Kassel) with 2 courses – 4.5 km and 2.5 km – and  shower and lunch before the bus-travel from Kassel via the ferry Puttgarden-Rödby, the Öresund-bridge, Malmö, Helsingborg and Gothenburg to Landvetter. If everything goes well, we can be at Malmö about mid-night and at Gothenburg 3-4 hours later.


Basic costs for the whole tour 31 Oct – 15 Nov are 14.500 SEK pro participant incl. bus-travels, 14 hotel-accomodations with half-pension and boat-accomodation YstadSwinoujscie in cabins with 4 beds. Costs for more food, drinks, OL-competitions, sightseeings, parties, cabin for 2 beds, etc are not included. It is also possible with participation during shorter periods with about the following basic costs: 31 Oct-14 Nov 14.000 SEK, 31 Oct – 7 Oct 7.000 SEK, 1-14 Nov 13.000 SEK, 3-14 Nov 11.000 SEK, 5-15 Nov 9.500 SEK, 5-14 Nov 9.000 SEK, 5-7 Nov 1.500 SEK, 6-14 Nov 8.500 SEK, 6-15 Nov 9.000 SEK, 8-14 Nov 6.000 SEK, etc.


More entries soon or latest about 30 September to or phone 044-238523 with name, competition-class, SI-number, birthday, birth-place, passport-number, email-address, street-address and phone-number.

Pay entry-fee – 2.000 SEK or 2.000 NOK – to WWOP bankgiro 930-2100 or to WWOP convertible NOK-account 7058.07.52444.