WWOP - Development of orienteering

WWOP, World Wide Orienteering Promotion, is a company according to its name promoting the development of the orienteering to a world class sport.

WWOP was started in 1984 by Jörgen Mårtensson and Peo Bengtsson (myself). Since spring 2000 I´m the only owner of WWOP AB.

The promotion of the orienteering sport is done mostly with sponsoring of mapping in new orienteering-countries and through sponsoring of clever participants from poor and isolated countries, so they get possibilities to participate in important world-competitions.

The economic profit of WWOP travel organization creates money for these sponsorships. WWOP is annually arranging 5-10 travels.

Before the WWOP was established I have also organized orienteering-travels. The first travel was in 1961, and since that more than 250 travels of different lengths have been organized.

Approximately WWOP in this way has contributed with about more than 1.5 millions Euro for the international spreading of the orienteering-sport. In 1961 IOF (International Orienteering Federation) had 11 countries as members, now in 2008 they are 69.
Before 1961 I had only run orienteering in 4 Nordic countries, today I have run in 93 countries in all the 5 continents.

I will also mention, that I have never supplied myself or my family with help of the profit from WWOP travel organization, as I have always earned my living by salary or pension.

As long as I decide about WWOP, there will be no change in this policy. The profit from the WWOP travel organization will still more promote the international development of the orienteering-sport. Maybe ski-orienteering and (or) foot-orienteering some time in future can be disciplines in the Olympic Games.

When you travel with WWOP, you are always supporting such development of orienteering.